“Feeding my Austin community during this hard time fills my heart with joy,” says Wandaka. “They [customers] are always delighted to get food from us and this makes me feel that I am doing something good in my community. I'm happy to be in the position of impacting people.” - Wandaka Musongera, community farmer, former refugee


Our goal is for newly-arrived immigrant neighbors to feel more connected, engaged, and supported in their community. This deeper level of connection is fostered by the formation of relationships and partnerships with local businesses and organizations that value the immeasurable attributes immigrants bring to the area. Similar to international sponsorship programs, BELONG NC encourages the local community to support one of their own neighborhood families. A year of sponsorship includes preschool for a child, two weeks of summer camp, and job skills opportunities for the stay-at-home parent. The cost of sponsoring a participating family in 2022 is $2,750. All sponsors and donors will receive a quarterly newsletter highlighting the successes of BELONG NC and its participants, as well as opportunities for community engagement and advocacy support.


Sustainable partnerships with local businesses/organizations who want to feel a deeper connection with diverse

cultures and communities are crucial for the success of BELONG NC. These partnerships will be planted by BELONG NC, but nourished in the future by the community they serve, thus encouraging cross-cultural, interdenominational, and cross-neighborhood relationships. Through these financial and empathetic partnerships, the state of North Carolina can collectively promote equitable early childhood education programs for refugees, job skills training programs, and

basic needs supplements for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.


As a connector in the community encouraging outreach opportunities neighbor-to-neighbor, BELONG NC welcomes

volunteers who feel passionate about service and inclusion. Various outreach opportunities will be available each semester for groups and individuals to support our newest neighbors. The safety of participants is a core component of BELONG NC programming, therefore all partners and volunteers are thoroughly interviewed and screened prior to involvement. We honor and respect the vulnerable circumstances our neighbors have endured, and we will keep immigrant and refugee safety at the forefront of all programming decisions. Thank you for joining us in this community-wide effort. Everyone belongs in our community.